Ways To Bank

User Guide

Registering for the Service:

  • If you are an Arab Bank Visa Electron Cardholder and have a valid Personal Identification Number (PIN), you can directly subscribe to the service through our website www.arabbank.com.lb by clicking on “Join”.
  • If you are not a Visa Electron Cardholder, you can register for the service through our Online Subscription Form. You may also visit any of our branches or Contact us.

Requirements to Access the Service:

  • To access the service, you need to be registered for the service and have a username and password or a Token device.

Accessing the Service:

  • From any PC connected to the Internet, open the browser and go to www.arabbank.com.lb
  • Click “Log On” under “Arabi Online” on the left menu.
  • In the Log On page of the Arabi Online Service, enter your username and the four digit number in the gray box.
  • Make sure the verification text and image are the ones you have selected. If not, please call our Customer Contact Center immediately.
  • In the next screen, enter your Log On password.

Directions for Customers Using Tokens:

  • What is a Token?
    • The Token is an electronic device with a display screen used either to log on to the service, or to complete third party payments.
    • The Token generates random passwords using time as one of the factors, the password is used to log on to the service or to confirm financial transactions.
    • The password is valid for less than one minute.
  • Using second password / Token
    If you request any of the following transactions you will require the Second Password to confirm:
    • Transfer Funds to other accounts within Arab Bank Lebanon
    • Transfer Funds to other Banks within Lebanon
    • Transfer Funds to Banks abroad
    • Payment to other Arab Bank Credit Cards
    • Send special Instructions

How to access the Online Help?

While using any service press the Help Link at the top of the page to display the help available for that specific service in a new window. You can also press the contents link in the help window to know more about any service.

How to Exit from the Online Banking Service

Use the “Log Off” link found on the upper section of the screen.

What features get locked, why, and how to unlock them?

  • The wrong entry of your password 5 times consecutively would lock your internet banking service. To unlock, use the “Reset Password” option on the second page of the logon process, or Contact Us.
  • The wrong entry of your second password 5 times consecutively would only lock your second password. However, you will still be able to access the service through your logon password. To unlock, please Contact Us or visit any of our Branches.
  • The wrong entry of your Visa Electron PIN 5 times consecutively would lock your Online Registration. To unlock, please Contact Us.

Important Things to Note/Remember

  • Your subscription to the Service in one country will allow you to access all your accounts held with Arab Bank branches in that country. To access your Arab Bank accounts in another country, please subscribe separately to the Service in the concerned country.
  • Every time you logon to the service, you will see your last successful and unsuccessful attempt to access the service displayed on top of the screen. Please make sure they are consistent with your usage of the service. If they do not match your logon activities, please Contact Us.
  • While you are using the service, and a predefined time elapses without any activity, you will be disconnected automatically from the service for your own security.
  • You should always check the Login verification Image & Text upon logging on to the service and make sure they match what you have selected. If not, please call Contact Us.